Why You Should Get a Skylight

Installation of a Skylight Boosts Curb Appeal and Your Own Mood By Providing Natural Light That Lowers Energy Bills

While mostly seen in commercial buildings, skylights are making their way into the residential scene as homeowners are discovering what the benefits of installing this window can bring.

Benefits of Skylight Installation

Improved Mood

Think about it: do you feel more productive in a sunny room or a dark, windowless room? Studies show that natural sunlight makes people feel more productive and happier. Sitting in the dark all day can lead to depression and eye strain and make you feel drowsy. Sunlight makes you feel awake, which is why skylights go great in offices for productivity or bedrooms for natural alarm clocks!

Natural Light and Less Energy Usage

Natural light is free! You won’t have to use electricity in the room with the skylight during the day, saving substantial amounts of money on your energy bill every year, as much as 10%! Natural light from a skylight installation also supplies Vitamin D, helps to lower stress, and can reduce symptoms of seasonal depression.


Most bathrooms don’t come with windows for safety and privacy reasons, and artificial light can be a strain on the eyes. Relax in the tub and look at the clouds or stars without any nosy neighbors viewing you with a skylight installation.

Visual Appeal

The best pictures are taken with natural light, so get your best selfies forever with your skylight. Watch as the sun sets and changes colors on your walls or just enjoy the brightness of the room during the day. Rooms with skylights will also be a favorite spot among your animals as they lay among the sun’s rays and nap.

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