Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Roof Insurance Claim

If the Insurance Claim Process Seems Stressful, Contact Our Team for Help.

Austin, TX roof insurance claim aid is only a call away for your house! When you discover you need to file roof damage insurance claims for your residence, you may begin to feel anxious or bewildered. These proceedings can be nerve-wracking and tough, leading you to consider any and all damage prior to filing to make sure it is worth the worry. This can lead to hail and storm damage being left alone, making even more damage. Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist is the one to call for your roof damage insurance claims needs. The roof inspection services we provide assist you in assessing your roofing after the storm has moved on. Our roofing contractors thoroughly inspect your roofing system, discovering all damage and discussing your options for your roofing system. Roof damage insurance claims may be the recommended step if the damage is consequential enough. Your insurance company will expect documentation from you when you file, and you can include our damage report in your paperwork.

When you require repair and replacement, our team is always ready to help you and give the best service in town. To kick off your roof damage insurance claims today, give us a call at (512) 520-0523! Because we care about our clients, we want to make sure that their interests are defended throughout the insurance claim. Though the insurance adjuster performs its own inspection, there is a good chance we will locate issues they missed. Phone our company whenever you go through a major weather event, even if the trouble isn't readily apparent. We will not just do this inspection, but also provide you advice throughout the insurance claim.

Process of a Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

Though the Insurance Company Will Send an Inspector, You Could Benefit from A Second Opinion.

Prior to filing roof damage insurance claims, you can be amazed to hear that having a roof system inspection from a roofing company can help! When you contact to file, you will set an appointment with your insurance adjuster to complete their own assessment. All required repairs are listed in a report from your roof damage insurance claims adjuster. You can get critical information that will aid you when you file for a claim. This report can:

  • Offer descriptive info on all damage on your roofing system
  • Supply you more filing proof for your case
  • Help you confirm filing is needed
  • Work for you when dealing with insurance adjusters
  • And More!

Send in the roof inspection summary with your filing documentation to your insurance adjuster. You may also wish to forward any before-and-after photos you may have of your roofing system as visual evidence. After evaluation, your adjuster will give you you their damage report based on their own assessment and the delivered documentation. They will also issue a first check for your replacement. This can be followed up at a later date or after roof repair once they get an invoice.

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At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, our team of certified, expert roofing contractors are always available to help you through the process of a roof insurance claim. We assist you in dealing with the nerve-wracking situation and supply service for you no matter where you are in the process. No matter what step of the roofing process, we always ensure you are briefed and that your requirements are met in order to ensure your satisfaction. Get started with our expert team today! Call Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist at (512) 520-0523 for your roof damage insurance claims in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.