Roof Restoration vs. Replacement

Roof Restoration Service

Our Roof Restoration Service Can Reinvigorate Your Aged or Damaged Roof.

If your commercial roof has seen better days, the time has arrived to choose between roof restoration or replacement. Both of these services address the issue of a failing roof, whether due to age or accumulated damage. However, they are vastly different processes, with broad separation in terms of cost and effect. At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, we are your local, expert Cedar Park roofer for roof restoration service.

Roofing replacement is a costly process that requires the tear-off and disposal of your old roofing material. Of course, you must also pay for the new material and its installation, then wait for the completion of a intensive, time-consuming job. If you worry about roof replacement cost, roof restoration provides an ideal alternative. To learn more about our roof restoration service in Cedar Park, TX, call (512) 520-0523 today.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration Service

When confronted with the roof replacement cost, many commercial structure owners will seek to put off the process for as long as possible. If a roof has aged and suffered damage to the point where an inspector recommends action, then delay will create the possibility for roofing failure. With a roof restoration, however, you can quickly and definitively address your roof’s issues, and extend its serviceability by 10 years or more.

At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, we perform our roof restoration service through the employment of roof coatings. A roof coating application can quickly stabilize your roof and repair minor damages. We offer a range of coatings suitable to a great many commercial materials. Should you decide to pursue this answer to a roofing dilemma, you can expect the following advantages versus roofing replacement.

  • Longer Life
  • Lower Cost
  • Sustainability
  • Tax Benefits

A roof coating, when properly applied, can immediately add many years of service to your current roof. This extends its value, and makes your original roofing investment an even better yield. Roof coatings are also a sustainable solution for the continued life of your roofing. Roof coatings can be reapplied indefinitely, so you will never generate tons of waste for the landfill. Finally, roof coatings are considered a maintenance procedure, whereas a new roof stands as a capital expenditure. This allows for tax benefits that extend the value of restoration even further.

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