Premium Shingles: 3 Styles for Maximum Eye Catching

Premium Shingles

There a Many Beautiful Premium Shingles to Pick From. Have Fun Discovering Your Favorites!

Looking to add some much pizzazz to your home? Nothing says “look at me” to the neighbors like a magnificent, luscious premium shingle rooftop. The best part: you can access this enhanced styling without taking on additional maintenance requirements. Try one of these three premium shingles, and start reveling in the beauty of your new roof.

Premium Shingle #1: Architectural

If you enjoy the clean styling of traditional shingles but desire better functionality, architectural shingles could be right for you. These shingles add a whole new dimension to your roof using a special layering method. This adds an appealing depth to your roofing design. Architectural shingles often feature a second layer of fiberglass, which produces a roof both tough and chic.

Premium Shingle #2: Stone Coated Steel

Steel already brings a powerful, clean look to the table, but stone coated steel supplies an even more fashionable design element. On top of a lengthy lifespan that can extend up to 70 years, stone coated steel shingles also provide a more natural aesthetic to your roof that normal shingles can’t mimic. You’ll also love the low maintenance!

Premium Shingle #3: Synthetics

What if you could enjoy the appearance of wood shakes or slate without the inherent hassle? With synthetic shingles, you can access the beauty of cedar, stone, and tile roofing without buying into the additional cleaning, weight, and repairs that come with each. Synthetic shingles are lightweight, easy to install, and available in a smorgasbord of colors and styles. These premium materials typically last up to 50 years, so you won’t have to busy yourself with replacements any time soon.

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