Become a Conklin Distributor Today

Become a Distributor Today!

Become a Conklin Distributor Today!

When you become a Conklin Distributor, you have access to the highest-quality roofing products on the market, as well as other contractors, support, and training opportunities that can help grow your business in a new, multifaceted way.

As a Conklin Distributor, you are able to offer premium and exclusive Conklin products and have unlimited access to sales and informational materials, product samples, and even live guidance and advice lines.

Conklin roofing products are durable and sturdy, providing lasting protection from the elements. The brand’s cool roofing materials are fire resistant and environmentally rated as a top choice, and our roofing accessories make every project a breeze. When you’re looking to offer your clients a roofing material that stands the test of time while being cost-effective, look no further than the Conklin Roofing product line.

The Conklin Distributor Benefit Package:

We Provide Unlimited Access to Training and Sales Materials.

Through Conklin’s Many Training and Networking Events, You Are Able to Grow Your Business Easier Than Ever!

As a Conklin Distributor, you are provided with numerous benefits that can be taken advantage of from the very first day. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased income possibilities: From the start, contractors offering Conklin products see an increase in their revenue. That’s because Conklin products are high-quality, easy to install and repair materials that stand the test of time.
  • Access to training platforms: Conklin provides resources such as training events, webinars, and conference calls that deliver not only product knowledge, but also best installation practices and helpful sales techniques and tactics.
  • Unique networking opportunities: Converse with other contractors and professionals from the industry at Conklin Events held regularly throughout the year. Your company name and bio will also be listed in the Conklin database for local contractors.

Find Out More

Conklin Distributors enjoy unbeatable training and skill enhancement programs as well as a Conklin directory listing bio page on the Conklin site. Learn more about becoming a Conklin Distributor by speaking with our professionals at  (512) 520-0523.