The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal Roof

Metal Provides Premier Service as Both Commercial and Residential Roofing.

A metal roof represents an excellent investment for your home or business. When it comes to durability and a long life, you can’t beat the benefits you achieve with metal. In addition to its practical perks, a metal roof also provides a distinctive, modern appearance. Though more expensive than other roofing options, the benefits of metal allow it to compensate for the difference over time. If you remain on the fence about whether to invest in this remarkable material for your roofing, consider the following advantages.


Metal can withstand practically everything that Mother Nature can throw. Highly resistant to hail impacts, metal also offers premier wind resistance, and is not threatened by fire. If you need an industrial roofing solution, you can’t beat metal for its resilience in the face of chemical corrosion.


A metal roof can last for upward of 50 years. This is more than twice as long as the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof. When you consider the lack of need for replacement at the 20 year mark, metal begins to garner huge savings. If installed properly, metal also requires little maintenance and few repairs. In the event that repairs do become necessary, it’s usually just a matter of swapping damaged panels.

Cool Roofing

Due to its natural reflectivity, metal also qualifies as cool roofing. This means that it reflects harmful UV radiation from the sun, rather than absorbing it to sustain damage and raise the temperature of your structure. A cooler roof also means less work for your air conditioner, a benefit that can lead to longer life and fewer repairs for that system.

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Why You Need A Roof Inspection

Professionals say that you should have a roof inspection done once a year. This is important for a whole list of reasons, but mostly because it will help keep your roof healthy. When you have a roof installed, you are told how long that material will usually last for. That being said, if your roof is supposed to last 25-40 years, it has to be taken care of to reach those numbers. You may wonder how you are supposed to take care of something that is so high up above your home. The answer to that is to have regular roof inspections. An inspector will be able to look all around your roof and gutters and make sure that everything is looking the way it is supposed to. If you have a few missing shingles or a small tear in your roof, we can get it fixed up and you’ll be back to normal in the next few days. Here are a few more reasons to have a roof inspection done.

Why Have an Inspection Done

Warranty – New roofs will sometimes come with a warranty. In this case, if something goes wrong, it will be covered by the company that installed the roof in the first place. In some cases though, they will need you to have your roof inspected once a year in order for your warranty to remain valid.

Peace of Mind – Above all else, you want to have peace of mind when it comes to your roof, right? There is no reason to worry about all the roofing problems you could get. Just have your roof inspected to be sure.

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Signs You Need a New Roof

New Roof

A New Roof Can Become a Necessity Due to Age or Certain Kinds of Damage.

Like all components of a home, a roof has a limited lifespan. Though you can maximize the serviceability of your system through regular maintenance and repair, the day will still come when you need a new roof. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you can pay attention to certain signs and indications that your roof has given its all.

Missing Shingles

A lost shingle here and there doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof has failed. If you find yourself continually replacing shingles, however, you may want to consider replacement. Missing shingles on your roof leave your home vulnerable to leaks and other damage. A roof that loses shingles on a regular basis has either become too old, or has installation flaws or faulty materials that necessitate replacement.

Damaged Shingles

As with missing shingles, it is natural to occasionally confront the issue of damaged shingles. Shingles, especially during a storm, absorb a lot of punishment to defend your home. If they become cracked, curled, or otherwise damaged, you need to replace them to avoid leaks. Shingles that regularly become damaged have in all likelihood reached the end of their useful service.

Old Age Means Time for a New Roof

Old age represents the most common reason for a roof replacement. A typical asphalt shingle roof will provide 20 years of service if properly maintained. If you roof has approached or surpassed this limit, schedule an inspection to determine its continued viability. Even if an old roof appears in fine condition, hidden damage and wear can make it vulnerable to sudden failure in the event of a major storm.

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