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We Employ Only Experienced Contractors to Provide Quality, Dependable Work.

Since our opening in Cedar Park, TX in 2004, Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist has distinguished itself as the most dependable and skilled roofing contractor for Devine, TX. The secrets to our development and accomplishment are straightforward: we offer superior workmanship, and combine it with unmatched customer service. We care significantly for the welfare of our customers, and do not recommend unneeded or overly expensive work. Whether you require residential or commercial work, we represent your local leaders. Our expertise, dependability, and transparency mean that you can have faith in our team for each roofing need.

Hire a Residential Roofer In Your Area

Roofing Contractor

Whether It’s a New Installation, Repair, or Replacement, We Have the Equipment to Do the Job Right!

We place a special emphasis on our projects as house roof specialists. We perform exacting service and stay committed to our customers, unlike many roofing professionals who want only to move on to the subsequent job. Our goal is a long-term partnership with everyone we serve. Transparent communication and reliable work serve to encourage the growth of customer partnerships. We stand as leaders in the install and repair of a extensive selection of roofing materials, and are able to act for repairs, installations, and more. As for emergency roof repair, we are consistently available when you need us with expediency. We’re ready whenever you need at (512) 520-0523, so feel free to phone with inquiries or requests for work from the top residential roofing contractor in Devine, TX.

Residential Roofer

Residential Roofing Contractor

Comprehensiveness characterizes our efforts as residential contractors, since we supply a full assortment of work ideal for any house. Our range of services includes repairs, installations, and replacement, along with soffit and fascia repair, flashing work, and even more. Our services go further to accommodate the installation and maintenance of siding, skylights, and gutters for the total care of your home’s exterior. For whatever service you need, you can count on dependable, steady workmanship that offers you superior value for your expenditure.

  • Roof Repair Company For any variety of roofing work that you necessitate, we are the dependable provider.
  • Roof Installation Our skilled install work can happen across a wide selection of materials.
  • Asphalt Shingle Services To optimize your asphalt roofing system and get the most value on your roofing expenditure, trust our team for installation and service.
  • Roof Flashing Repair Your flashing protects vulnerable areas of your roofing from leaks.
  • Soffit & Fascia Repair Soffit and fascia provide a good deal to your residence’s defenses against water.
  • Premium Roof Systems Our selection of premium roof systems numbers popular choices like slate and tile.
  • Roof Replacement Should you must replace your roofing system, Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist represents the wise choice.
  • Roof Decking If you necessitate roof decking maintenance or installation, we provide superior service.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roofing Services

Our team has the abilities and experience to provide just about any any service for a commercial roofing system. If you possess a small business, large warehouse, shopping center, or any variety of commercial facility, you can rely on our service. We not only understand the investment commercial roofing entails, but also its complexity. Our install work will consistently provide you the optimal return on the investment.

Metal Roofing

The Source for Metal Roofing

To know the total variety of a metal roof’s advantages, select an install from our team. Metal roofing systems that we install will last for decades. Since we offer a range of residential and commercial metal roofs, the one you pick will ideally protect your structure.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof The vertical seams on these roofs guard against the penetration of moisture.
  • Steel Roofing Available in two kinds, steel roofing resists deterioration.
  • Aluminum Roofing Aluminum has plenty of advantageous characteristics that render it a superb roof material.
  • Stone Coated Steel This roofing material is perfect for individuals who don’t appreciate the aesthetic of metal.
  • Corrugated Metal Developments to corrugated metal have made it an attractive option for roofing for any varieties of roofing materials.
  • Metal Shingles Should you want the look of shingles but benefits of metal, pick metal shingles.
  • Residential Metal Roofing A metal roofing system will offer decades of defense for your residence.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Metal roofing can stand up to a good amount of wear and tear, which renders it ideal for commercial employment.

Roof Restoration

Full Roof Restoration Services

Our roofing restoration work will cover every contingency. Done as an alternative to replacement, roof restoration is a method to save cash and lengthen the life of your roofing system. Unlike some companies, we reliably look into the usefulness of roof restoration. We stand as the perfect selection for any roof restoration projects. To improve your opportunities for restoration, be certain to call us right away, as roofing systems will decay past the likelihood of its viability.

Emergency Roof Repair & Roof Insurance Claims

Aside from our usual offerings, we additionally provide emergency roofing repair, and will aid you through an insurance claim. After we restore your storm-ravaged property, you will hardly know the damage ever took place. For significant damages and maintenance that can’t be delayed, contact our team around the clock for our emergency roof repair. If you necessitate to file an insurance claim, you can rely on our help through the process. Should you want a knowledgeable, dependable nearby roofing contractor, Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist is the company to pick.

To learn additional information in regards to our company or work offerings, call us whenever at (512) 520-0523. At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, we want to be your trusted roofing contractor in Devine, TX.