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Roofing Contractor

We Employ Only Experienced Contractors to Provide Quality, Dependable Work.

If you need a roofing contractor in Lorena, TX, rely on the team that has consistently provided excellent service since its foundation in 2004. The secrets to our development and success are straightforward: we supply excellent work, and unite it with unmatched customer service. Since we stay devoted to our customers, we do jobs in service of their best interests, and never advise unnecessary procedures. We are overall roof experts, and provide a full assortment of services for both residential and commercial customers. At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, we serve every roofing job through our expertise, reliability, and transparent communication.

Hire a Residential Roofer In Your Area

Roofing Contractor

Whether It’s a New Installation or Replacement, We Have the Equipment to Do the Job Right!

As house roofing professionals, we consider our job as important and valuable. Our commitment to customers is total, unlike other contractors who wish to simply complete the project and continue on. Our ultimate goal is to have every client return for future projects. We support the growth of client relationships through communication, dependability, and forthrightness. Whether you need roofing replacement, a fresh install, or basic fixes, we’re the team to entrust for a wide range of standard and premium roofing materials.We are ready whenever you need at (512) 520-0523, so feel free to call with inquiries or requests for work from the top residential roofing contractor in Lorena, TX.

Residential Roofer

Residential Roofing Contractor

Our team’s work as residential roofers offers a total assortment of services for any house. We do installs and replacements, and also roof replacement, flashing work, soffit and fascia replacements, and more. To supply for the total care of your exterior, we additionally install and replace siding, gutters, and skylights. For any service you need, you can depend on dependable, steady workmanship that provides you the most value for your money.

  • Roof Installation We provide a wide selection of roofing materials and complete top-tier install services.
  • Asphalt Shingle Services Our team will maximize the lifespan of an asphalt roof with our installations and replacementsmaintenance.
  • Roof Flashing Maintain your flashing in good condition to guard against water leaks.
  • Soffit & Fascia Usually ignored or thought of as decoration, soffit and fascia perform a worthwhile function for a home.
  • Premium Roof Systems We don’t only have a varied selection of premium choices available, but additionally possess the experience to install them correctly.
  • Roof Replacement If roof replacement seems unavoidable, choose your local experts at Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist.
  • Roof Decking As your decking provides for the stability of your roof, make sure yours gains the advantage of skilled installation and service.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roofing Services

Our crew possesses the ability to supply a complete selection of work for commercial roofing systems. If you have a small company, large warehouse, shopping center, or any kind of commercial building, you can depend on our work. We don’t only appreciate the expense a commercial roof entails, but also its intricacy. If you hire us for installation or replacement, you can count on service that realizes a superb return for the investment.

Metal Roofing

The Source for Metal Roofing

As specialists in metal roofs, we grasp how to create systems that offer a complete assortment of benefits. Metal roofing systems that our team installs will persist for decades. We supply an extensive range of both commercial and residential metal roofs, so you can pick the one ideally suited to your tastes and needs.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof If you wish for a roof that resists water, you will not outmatch a standing seam metal roof.
  • Steel Roofing Rust is much less of a hazard against zinc-coated steel roofing.
  • Aluminum Roofing The positives of aluminum become most obvious in places where it rains a lot.
  • Stone Coated Steel For all the advantages of metal, but the look of other materials, pick stone coated steel.
  • Corrugated Metal Developments to corrugated metal have left it an attractive option for roofs for all varieties of roofing.
  • Metal Shingles Metal shingles supply a compelling option with the benefits of metal roofing and appearance of shingles.
  • Residential Metal Roofing Metal roofing contributes a great deal of benefits to a home.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Many commercial structure proprietors choose metal for its first-rate strength and resistance to environmental factors.

Roof Restoration

Full Roof Restoration Services

Our projects in roof restoration are second to none. As substitute to replacement, restoration will save you a lot of money. Unlike some contractors, we reliably weight the effectiveness of roof restoration. Phone us soon if your roofing system is aged or deteriorated. To raise your opportunities for restoration, make sure to contact us right away, as roofing will deteriorate beyond the likelihood of its viability.

  • Silicone Roof Coating Coatings of silicone infuse your roof with excellent resistance to water.
  • Acrylic Roof Coating Aside from a wide assortment of colors, acrylic coats are too slippery for debris and dirt to accumulate.
  • Polyurea Roof Coating Should you need a capable coat that is also resistant to damage, pick polyurea.
  • Elastomeric Roof Coating You can’t go wrong with the ultraviolet resistance and high flexibility of elastomeric roofing coatings.

Commercial Emergency Roof Repair & Roof Insurance Claims

Aside from our usual offerings, we also provide emergency roof work, and can help you throughout an insurance claim process. After we restore your storm-damaged structure, you will barely recognize that the damage ever occured. When roof repairs definitely won’t wait, you can depend on our commercial emergency roof repair. You will surely want to begin an insurance claim for weather damage, and you can rely on us for help every step of the way. Should you want a knowledgeable, dependable area roofing contractor, Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist is the name to pick.

You can reach us whenever you’d like at (512) 520-0523 to pose questions or set up a meeting. Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist wishes to address your needs as your number one option as a roofing contractor in Lorena, TX.